Eighth Fleet Research & Development

Welcome to the Research and Development Division of the Eighth Fleet! Our division is made up of three teams with each one being responsible for providing specialized information to the Horizon Fleet Community. The Tech Team is committed to upholding the technical standards of the Star Trek Universe while remaining open to new ideas from community members. The Story Arc Committee oversees the development of the Horizon Fleet Story Arc and all related materials. Last, but certainly not least, the Wiki Team helps to maintain quality of content for the Horizon Fleet Wiki Database in order that visitors might have access to the variety of information contained within.

Please explore the site and feel free to contact any of the Tech Team members.

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Eighth Fleet Appoints New Director of Research & Development
The Eighth "Horizon" Fleet Council is pleased to announce the appointment of Rear Admiral Lorian Tharos to succeed Vice Admiral Chris Manley as Director of Research & Development!

Rear Admiral Tharos bring a wealth of experience to this position having worked closely with Vice Admiral Manley as well as the Fleet Council in matters pertaining to Research & Development and fleet administration. He has previously served as Information Services Coordinator where he was primarily responsible for overseeing the Horizon Fleet Wiki Database as well as creating and maintaining wiki articles. Many of you may also recognize Rear Admiral Tharos as Vice Admiral Iluvar (former Task Force 22 Commanding Officer) and/or Vice Admiral Andrew Hawkins (former Judge Advocate-General).

It should be noted that Rear Admiral Tharos is currently on semi-Extended Leave of Absence through mid-August due to summer employment with very limited internet access. He has been able to get online one day per week to post on simulations and respond to emails so please keep this in mind when you contact him - his response time will be delayed.

Congratulations Rear Admiral Tharos!

Vice Admiral Kailani Livian
DPA Director
Horizon Fleet
Submitted By: Rear Admiral Lorian Tharos on July 17th 2012
Welcome Tech Team!
Within the past few weeks the R&D Division has received three remarkable applications. As such, we would like to welcome all three new members of the Tech Team.
Submitted By: Vice Admiral Chris Manley on December 2nd 2009
R&D Site Now Live!
It's taken much longer than I wanted, but the R&D site is finally complete, as far as the code goes. Content for the database will be added as we go.
Submitted By: Vice Admiral Chris Manley on January 6th 2009